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Windu Sinaga and his wife, Riris Simanjuntak had been dreaming to have their own company before they were 40. They also aspired preserve Indonesian cultural heritage
and empower the people around them. Riris had some work experience regarding
craft industry, while Windu passionately learned the whole business from zero.
Enthusiastically, they participated in many exhibitions, collecting insight and trying to understand the market. Finally, their dreams came true when they established PT Indo Risakti in 2012.

Located in Bantul, Yogyakarta this handcraft enterprise specializes in environmentally friendly products including basketries, boxes, wall art, mirrors and decorative items.With their unlimited creativity, water hyacinth, sea grass, banana bark, mendong grass, newspapers, leftover clothes and other ‘green’ / recycled materials are transformed into functional and beautiful objects. Local craftsmen and community are involved to achieve mutual benefit and to open up an opportunity for building sustainable trading environment. Indonesia traditional craftsmanship is explored to produce premium home decoration complementing contemporary living all over the world, including USA and Europe.

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“Covid-19 has forced art and cultural industries to explore alternative digital spaces with online exhibitions and virtual reality enhancement.”


Jl. Ringroad Manding Rt 06, Trirenggo, Bantul, Yogyakarta 55714 Indonesia.

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