Bermain Serat Alami, Menjalin Gurat Tradisi.

Living in harmony with nature is the idealism Anita has been holding since she was a kid. In 1998 for the first time she got acquainted with eco-friendly crafts made from natural fibers and was instantly attracted. As a designer, Anita is accustomed to making her own toys. As a kid, she used to make dolls out of rags. Her mind is always full of imagination on colors, shapes and knick-knack designs.

As the name implies, Natlovers or natural lovers are committed to taking natural material to a higher level. Mendong, water hyacinth, agel and gajih are transformed into beautiful handcrafts with ethnical features. Javanese natural and cultural treasures are narrated through unique bags and dolls. Each work can be personalized to meet the customers’ preference.
Natlovers Indonesia have empowered many women crafters, including the diffable ones. It is a real contribution to support traditional crafters and sustain natural fibers while conserving Javanese cultural legacy.

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