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Perpaduan Tradisi & Inovasi.

Hot wax aromatic scent, wholeheartedly drawn dots and lines, deep philosophical values; batik is truly Indonesian grand treasure. In 2009 UNESCO designated Indonesian batik a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

From then on, Henni Setya has always been motivated to preserve and improve this ancient art form. With the help of her artist brother, in 2012 Henni was finally determined to take the road less traveled by. She established New Exotic with intention to deliver art fabric with premium quality. Exclusive, unique, and innovative, New exotic’s exquisite textiles try to sustain the traditional patterns and invent new ones. All made with local material and natural dyes. All inspired by the precious nature and culture of the Archipelago.

Henni collects women batik craftswomen in the villages around Yogyakarta. Most of them are farmers. After their daily works are done, they express their love for art through canting and cloth. Entirely made by hand, it may takes months to finish one sheet. This amazing dedication goes hand in hand with New Exotic brilliant creativity; guarding Indonesian invaluable heirloom.

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