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Palem Craft is a well established Since 2003 business based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. We design and manufacture a wide range of home decor products, utilising locally and sustainably sourced natural materials. We work with local community groups who specialize in the skilled weaving process. We aim to grow our business by continuing to develop and ‘grow’ these relationships towards our goal of a mutually beneficial and sustainable business ecosystem. Our products are 100% handicraft. The employee come from local area. We trained them in skills to make many products. They can trained weaving process to their family, neighbor and people around their home too. With this system, many people especially housewife, can do something to earn money to increase their family income. So, woman empowering in village could be improve their welfare while household activities and parenting can still be done

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“Covid-19 has forced art and cultural industries to explore alternative digital spaces with online exhibitions and virtual reality enhancement.”


Jl. KHA Dahlan No. 8 Rt.09 / Rw.03 Yogyakarta – 55122 Indonesia.

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